My Favorite Books


And I’m not a cryer. Not while reading anyway. It takes A LOT for me to cry while reading. Well, Always by Kindle Alexander left me UGLY crying at 3am with Avery and Kane’s story!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

This series was my introduction to Sierra Simone . It literally changed my world. (Thank you, Pam & Tara!!!)

Book 1: American Queen
Book 2: American Prince
Book 3: American King
Book 4: Cards of Love
Book 5: American Squire

THE IDEA OF YOU by Robinne Lee
I’m not quite finished with this one, and finding it hard to make myself finish it. I know my heart is going to be broken. I don’t know if I am ready for that with Solene and Hayes.

But that’s only because the book is written with such real conflict and rich characters.

I will finish and I will be in book hangover mode for days if not weeks…


Holy Moly, y’all! I am loving this series so much!  Single POV, LGBTQ+.   Highly HIGHLY recommend. Surprises all through out the book…interconnected characters…so real and raw!

I started with Book 3, Heat Wave – loved it. Bought the whole series. Tore through Book 4, Changing Colors. Just – the best.
Book 1, Whiteout. OMG! I’ve never read an #Amnesia romance – heart-stoppingly good!
And Book 2, Thaw was so lovely!
All around, I cannot say enough about this series.
Beautifully written, emotional, and in the end you will be grinning from ear to ear. ​

I wish I could remember how I found this series and THANK THEM!
​THEN THERE WERE THREE is a MF/MM/MMF poly, sexual discovery, hotter than Fuck kink trilogy that handles the topics of race and mental health and friends becoming lovers and familial responsibilities consumed a few weeks of mine and I. Want. MORE!

Get the TRILOGY and EN-JOY!!!

Once you fall down the Sierra Simone rabbit hole, you will want more. And I definitely recommend her Thornchapel Series! This series a little paranormal, a genre I’m not a huge reader of, but I was TOTALLY there for the intricate, deep, twisty-turny, forbidden tale of Auden, Poe, St. Sebastian, Rebecca, Delphine, and Beckett.

Book 1: A Lesson in Thorns
Book 2: Feast of Sparks  
Book 3: Harvest of Sighs
Book 4: Door of Bruises