Beau Tyed

Release date: 06/08/2019

To secure the job of his dreams, photographer Ty York tells his new boss he’s gay. Now Ty has to play the part.

The plot thickens when Ty is asked to bring his “boyfriend” to a company event.

Beau Thompson is a struggling actor waiting for his big break. To make things worse, his fiancée isn’t exactly thrilled with his chosen profession. When his best friend, Ty, needs someone to pretend to be his gay boyfriend for a party, of course Beau will help Ty out.

What could possibly go wrong?

One-click this friends to lovers, fake boyfriend romance for friendship, feels and steamy scenes.

Story Excerpt

Hearing the music turn to something more tame, I ease my way to the open doors. Right away I spot Ty’s blond hair amongst the crowd across the way. He’s cornered by a guy I don’t recognize. And from the looks of it, Ty is looking for an exit.
Off to the side, I notice Steve watching Ty and Mystery Guy with great interest. Shit. Furthermore, I see Jeanine mere feet from Ty. Double shit. Game time.

I grab a pair of drinks from a passing waiter and head over to where Ty is.

“Hey, babe, there you are!” I lean in, intending on planting a kiss on Ty’s cheek. You know, boyfriend-y, but easy on the PDA… a boundary Ty and I discussed on our drive up. And since Ty is under the scrutiny of his new boss, and a snubbed ex-tryst, I need to do something. But Ty turns his head at the last second and my lips land on his mouth. The contact causes a jolt in my gut and I’m frozen. Somewhere in the back of my mind I must know to not react negatively, and I guess the same is going on with Ty because he doesn’t pull back either.

I finally break the kiss and do my best to play it off as if what had just happened is the most natural thing in the world. At least I hope I do and hand Ty the drink I’d brought for him.

“Heeeyyyy,” Ty slurs, drawing the word out. He takes a long drink of the martini, practically draining the glass while looking at me with his chocolate brown eyes wide and slightly bewildered.

When the beefcake who had been talking to him clears his throat, Ty nearly jumps out of his skin. “Oh, um. Finn. This is Beau. My boyfriend. The one I was telling you about?” Ty grabs my free hand and adopts a slightly cocky grin.

“A pleasure to meet you,” Finn says with an Irish or Scottish accent, sticking his giant hand out at me.

“Likewise,” I shake hands with the meaty mitt before taking a long drink of my own. My mind isn’t on Finn or his hand. Nor on Steve or Jeanine watching Ty. It’s a swirl of Ty and his lips.

What the fuck?

Finn continues to talk, and from the few words I hear, I gather that he is with the sales and marketing division.
But my lips are still tingling and burning with the sensation of Ty’s. I chance a glance over at Ty who is watching me with a slightly uncomfortable look.

​Yup. I fucking crossed the line. But it wasn’t like I meant to kiss Ty on the lips. And he didn’t pull back. What the fuck?


“An awesome twist to what I consider the overused straight-to-gay and friends-to-lovers tropes… While this brilliantly-written story starts out a little slow it quickly picks up the pace, grabs you and pulls you into a read-in-one-sitting… 5 out of 5 stars and I urge readers to follow these six simple words: buy it, read it, love it.” ~ Jim’s Reading Room

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