Sunday, March 29th

Wait? Day 5?? Where did Day 4 go? 

After our…e-hem…morning, after the Uluru Sorry Rocks were long gone.. and then Tanner’s insane jump off of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we took things to a quieter level. We got dressed up and headed for a nice dinner, then to the Sydney Opera House, although I had half a mind to skip the Opera House – Tanner looked, as always, sinful in a suit. Watching him eat across the table from me, licking his lips from the lemon butter sauce that topped his fish dish… The man was playing with fire – and he knew it. And secretly (although not so secret to anyone glancing at my slacks) – I loved it.

The concert was amazing. It might surprise you to learn that Tanner is quite a fan of classical music and I had gotten us tickets to Holst’s The Planets – this concert was for a countdown to Earth Hour, another passion of Tanner’s… Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing… 

When the concert ended, I was relieved that Tanner wanted to head back to the hotel as much as I did. Unfortunately, the trip and the past few days had taken a toll on us ‘old men’ and after we got back to the hotel, we crashed. But to me, sleeping in Tanner’s arms is heaven.

Today, we were well rested, but left nothing behind! We decided to compare Australian wineries to those in California.

The wines were amazing and I texted Jim and Jess that they should make a tour down here and check things out. 

After a few stops, maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the way Tanner’s black t-shirt clung to his chest, or how the khaki shorts hugged his ass… or maybe it was that Tanner continually found secret ways to brush up against me-front and back-all day long, and I well knew of his fantasy to secretly have sex in a public place, but I was both done being teased, and wanted nothing more than to make all of Tanner’s dreams come true.

“You think you’re mighty clever, don’t you?” I asked, playfully threatening Tanner, pulling him into a fermenting cellar.  “And that just because you’re forty now, I wouldn’t bend you over one of these barrels and fuck you the way you’ve been begging for me to do all day.”

“Really – just like that, mate? You’d fuck me? Here?” he asked, his accent so solid, it was as if he’d never spent a day in the US. “What if the tour guide notices we’ve gone missing? You’re not afraid to get caught?” His voice was teasing and thick with lust, and my cock was thick with need. 

Without a word, I pushed Tanner up to a barrel and pushed him over it. His ass pushed at me was an intoxicating view. I tugged his hips back and worked my hands around him, unbuttoning and unzipping his shorts and pulled his shorts and boxer-briefs down.

When he groaned and wagged his ass at me, I almost blew it in my pants. I wet my thumb and pushed my thumb in to his tunnel and was welcomed. I loved that he was so ready. Quickly, I freed my raging hard-on and spit in my hand. I slicked up my dick and lined up, pressing into him.

I listened carefully and his breathing told me all I needed to know. I gripped his shoulders and pressed in quickly, his heat surrounding me. Tanner stifled his groan so we wouldn’t get caught. Fuck! I loved this man! 

Fully seated, I waited. I waited for his ass to relax, and then – I went for it.

Maybe it was that we could be caught, or that I was so hungry for this man, but I didn’t wait long. I leaned over him and grabbed his dick in a “courtesy reach around” which actually was as much a courtesy to me as to Tanner, and started thrusting into him. 

And in less than thirty seconds, I unloaded my balls into his ass and his seed spilled over my hand. 

I licked my hand watched as Tanner dressed himself. He then dressed me and kissed me deeply. 

“Thank you,” he said, resting his forehead against mine. 

“Thank you,” I answered back. “I look forward to making your every dream come true.”