Friday, March 27, 2014

Today, I jumped off the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Bungee jumped, but I jumped. Greg thought I was out of my mind. He refused to jump, instead he sat back and filmed it on his phone, while practically begging me to not jump.

Only yesterday, we’d both experienced repercussions of an inadvertently ‘stolen’ rock from Uluru. The curse of rocks, or anything else from the sacred grounds, manifesting in Greg and my’s sex life. But after this morning, I knew the curse was gone, our action of packing up the small red stone apparently satisfying the spirits, or whatever influenced our lack of erections. 

I woke up this morning, our first full day in Sydney, wrapped securely in Greg’s arms, my back to his front. I sighed at the comfortable familiarity. As my mind woke up, I recognized another ‘familiarity’ poking into my back… a familiarity indicating the curse of the ‘Sorry Rock’ may have been lifted. As that thought flooded through me, my own arousal kicked it. It felt great.

“Are you finally awake?” Greg whispered behind me.

I shimmied my ass against his erection in response. 

Greg’s response was to drag his arm, which had been draped over my waist, down to my morning wood. Slipping his hand into my shorts, he took me firmly in his hand. “Looks like all the rocks are back to how they should be,” he said.  

I pressed my hips back into him then turned around so we were face to face. I took in the sight before me. The morning light shone on his face, illuminating his morning stubble, blonde and accentuating his strong jaw. His eyes were bright, as if he’d been awake for hours.

“What time is it?” I asked.

Greg leaned in and kissed me, then said, “Who cares? We’re on vacation.” His mouth then brushed over my own morning stubble-lined jaw and down to my neck.

I rolled onto my back and waited in eager anticipation for what I knew was coming. Indeed, Greg almost immediately rolled on top of me and rubbed our bodies together, our dicks sliding along one another in an electric kind of way. 

Greg wasted no time. Sitting up on his knees he grabbed the bottle of lube on the side table and dribbled some into his hand. Slowly he slicked up his glorious, bobbing cock, my own dick twitching with excitement.

He leaned forward and slicked up my dick to, my orgasm rapidly building, not just at the attention, but at Greg’s excitement. Greg loved morning sex, maybe almost as much as I did, only further proving our compatibility. Taking both our dicks in his hand he lavished us with several strokes. I felt my cock swell and I groaned, biting down on my lip to not lose it so quickly. 

Greg read me like a book. His hand slipped to my back side, and automatically, I raised my knees. He teased my puckered hole with his finger a few times, then added a second. I couldn’t remember the last time I so desperately need to be fucked. I was about to beg when I felt Greg position himself at my entrance. 

I opened my eyes to find his glittering blues, sparkling in the sunlight, and his wicked smile aimed at me. “G’mornin’, Mate,” he said in his worst Aussie accent, and slowly slid home. 

We both groaned as Greg didn’t stop his onward press until he was fully seated.

I willed him to move, but he stayed still. My ass clenched around him involuntarily and the orgasm I was trying so desperately to hold off bubbled just beneath the surface. I gripped my dick tightly so I wouldn’t blow.

“Fuck,” Greg groaned. “It’s so hot when you do that.”

It was my turn to be wicked. Slowly I ran my hand up and down, Greg’s eyes glued to the action. 

“I’m not moving because I want this to last, but—”

“Who cares? We’re on vacation,” I echoed back to him. “We can lay around and fuck all day. But right now, I need to come.”  I wrapped my legs around his waist, locking my feet behind his back and pulled him tighter into me.

Greg’s nostril’s flared slightly and he swallowed. 

He pulled back slowly, then pushed back into me forcefully, causing us to both moan loudly. I grinned at him and gave my dicd another stroke.

“I fucking love you,” he said and pulled back and thrust back in again, only this time, he didn’t stop.

Each thrust was deliberate in the beginning, but soon gave way rapid pounding. 

“Here. We. Go.” Greg growled. I picked up the pace with my hand and a couple strokes later, our hips jerked and my cum spurted all over my chest. Neither of us were quiet, the pent up tension of not having gotten a release last night doubling the overwhelming relief and satisfaction of morning sex.

Greg collapsed onto me breathing heavily. 

“I love you, too,” I said, threading the fingers of my clean hand through his still thick blonde hair.

And then, after another round, that time me on top, and lunch—I bungee jumped. 

I cannot wait for tomorrow.