It would have been nice to sleep in, especially after the day – and night – Tanner and I had yesterday, but we had an early morning flight to come see the breathtaking Uluru Monolith today. The sight was majestic to say the least. Amazing that this massive formation wasn’t even mapped until 1873! 

After we toured the rock and learned a lot of history, we boarded the second plane of the day and headed to Sydney – 

Although the view isn’t what it was in Cairns, we did have impressive views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It was late, so while we checked in, we ordered room service to be brought up. Up in the room we figured we’d take a quick shower to get the travel and the park off of us.

Tanner got in the shower first. I simply watched as the water sluiced over his magnificent form. I saw him crack an eye and spy me just before a wicked grin slipped across his face. He liked to be watched… and I loved watching. Tanner grabbed the bar of soap and unwrapped it then slid the bar all over his chest. The bubbles that formed and ran over his six-pack beckoned me and in less than a half of a minute I was in the shower with my man.

“I was wondering how long it was going to take you,” Tanner growled, standing to the side to let the water hit me. 

Slowly he rubbed the bar all over my chest and abs.

“You’re personal trainer is doing a hell of a job,” he said, tracing my own rather impressive stomach. 

“Easy to do what the trainer tells you to do when he’s drop dead gorgeous, an accomplished athlete, and has a sinful accent.” Tanner had started training me shortly after we moved in to his house together since he had a whole room that was a gym. Everything from treadmill to nautilus to free weights.

“I think we need to train this at the moment,” he said gripping my cock. 

I groaned and leaned against the back of the shower as Tanner got on his knees in front of me. I loved how he looked kneeling in front of me. And even more when I was in his mouth. 

When I didn’t grow rock hard like I always did, I gave more of an effort to relax and enjoy Tanner’s tongue and lips. He noticed that I wasn’t responding like I normally did, and by responding, I mean that my cock didn’t jump to attention, he pulled out his magic move… Gently – VERY gently – dragging his teeth along my length while cupping my balls, and running a finger along my back side… still nothing.  What the fuck?

“I don’t get it. It feels great, but…”

“Must be all the traveling,” he said standing and pulling me in for a hug. “Maybe a good nosh will help,” he said referring to the dinner that was due in the room any minute.

“Yeah. Yeah, that’s it,” I said trying to reason the cause for my – um – unresponsiveness.

After we finished showering, we slipped on shorts and track pants, and just in the nick of time because our dinners arrived. We sat back and ate on the bed, with the TV on in the background. It was nice and comfortable – of course, doing anything with Tanner was wonderful.

While we ate, I could feel myself getting stronger, and concluded that, yes, it must have been hunger and fatigue that prohibited our shower escapade.

As Tanner took his last bite of potatoes, I pulled his plate away setting it on the night stand and situated myself between his legs, ready to discover my own largest Australian Rock formation. Not to mention that I was going to make up for the failed shower. 

I kissed his chest, paying special homage to my name inked across his heart. One day I was going to get a tattoo for Tanner, I just had to decide exactly where. Tanner assured me that I didn’t have to rush in, and that once I knew, it would be good and we would go. For now, I just adored his ink. 

I travelled lower and licked at his navel. Tanner moaned as I knew he would. His hips bucked and I was eager to comply. I slipped my fingers into the waistband of his shorts and track pants and worked them down. Now, typically, it would be a difficult thing to do because Tanner seemed to walk around with a non-stop erection. However, this was not that case at the moment. It just lay there. I glanced up at Tanner who looked a little perplexed himself. 

“I’ve got this,” I said reassuringly. 

I took him into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the tip. 

I ran a hand up the inside of his leg and then teased his backside while I had his whole dick in my mouth, eagerly working to get a ‘rise’ out of it. 

I tried the teeth trick.

And it was nothing for the both of us. Not only wasn’t I able to get Tanner up, I wasn’t getting any action either… And I always got hard going down on Tanner. Always.

“This is beyond bizarre,” Tanner said, sitting up. 

“I have to admit. I’m with you. What in the hell could be going on?”

“You don’t suppose we accidentally lifted a rock or two, do you?” Tanner asked referring to the Sorry Rock Curse of Uluru. Legend has it that anyone who removes a rock, sand, seeds, or otherwise from the grand red rock will be cursed. People have cited accidents, divorce and illnesses. 

“I didn’t take any souvenirs. I heard what the guide said: ‘Leave only footsteps, take only memories.’ You didn’t grab any, did you?”

“No! I’m not one to mess with the paranormal. But what if we accidentally got one?” 

We both ran to our bags and searched the hiking boots we’d worn for the tour. 

Take a look what we found in the bottom of Tanner’s shoe. *Face Palm*

So, we packed those suckers up & brought the envelope straight away to the front desk to be shipped back to the Park.

Looking forward to tomorrow. And I hope we got all those dang rocks out of our boots and no more curse!