The past few days have been amazing, so much so that we’d forgotten we were supposed to be blogging! So, we’re sorry about that. 

On Wednesday we arrived in Melbourne. And Tanner took Wednesday and Thursday touring me all round his hometown. His old schools, where he played his first soccer game, even his old house. It used to be blue, but now is white. 

Friday was awesome. I surprised Tanner with my biggest surprise of the whole trip. A private Meet-and-Greet with the Melbourne City Football Club team, followed by the best seats in the stadium. Even though it was raining for the game, and even though the Melbourne City didn’t win against the Sydney team (The Wanderers), the game was a tie and not a loss (If Melbourne had won tonight’s game, they would have been in the Top 6 Finals spot, but they’ll have another chance next week).

Watching Tanner enjoy the game with memories going back to his childhood watching the team, and watching a league where he didn’t know everyone’s stats and personal histories was fun. He was a spectator, just enjoying the game. I just enjoyed watching him.

It was after midnight when we got back to the hotel, but once in our room, Tanner, still energized from watching the game, surprised me. 

He pressed me against the wall and kissed me deeply, pressing his lean, hard body against mine. As usual, his kisses woke me up… all of me. As Tanner’s hands roamed I knew he was in a playful mood. And after the past few days of either no, or sleepy sex, I was more than ready.

Tanner broke the kiss and without a word, he connected his phone to the in-room sound system and pressed play, then grabbed one of the sleep masks from the airline flight, and covered my eyes.

The music started slowly and quietly… Ravel’s Bolero, one of Tanner’s favorite classical music pieces. If you’ve never heard the piece it’s really quite seductive. Starts slowly and builds, from a simple drum beat and one instrument to the same melody with new instruments and then multiple instruments and the intensity builds and builds to an exciting end with the full orchestra.

Tanner started like the music—slow and deliberate—only making me yearn for the exciting ending. While I was blindfolded, Tanner started undressing me. Button by button, exploring each section of newly revealed skin…the music absolutely playing into the simple act. 

Not knowing what he was doing was a heady feeling. As the music progressed, and my state of undress increased, and while I stood naked, my cock bobbing eagerly in front of me, Tanner stopped touching me. I ached for his touch. I ached to see him. I listened intently through the music and heard him discard his own clothes. I was just about to tear off the mask and get a look at him, but he was too quick. Seeing what I was planning to do, he grabbed my wrist, his strength and height (even if it was just two and half inches) overpowering me and held my arm fast and tight. 

“Oh no you don’t. This trip…Your surprises day-by-day with the snorkeling tour, the Uluru tour, the concert, the wine tour, Kangaroo Island… the lunch with the team tonight and the primo seats… have all been incredible. It’s my turn to surprise you. I want you to sit back and enjoy the ride,” he said, his lips brushing against my ear, his breath washing over my neck. “Only, you won’t be sitting,” he promised, his hand gripping my butt cheek. My stomach flipped, my cock strained painfully, and even my ass clenched – all parts of me on high alert.

Tanner’s mouth was back on mine, and he started navigating us through the room, almost as if we were dancing to the driving music. The backs of my legs hit the bed. Swiftly, Tanner pulled back the duvet and sheet then playfully pushed me back onto the bed. 

“Good god, you’re a sexy fucker!” Tanner uttered. He laid his hands on my shins and slowly moved upward, his mouth also laying a trail of tingles. I lay there…blindly, only my hands woven into Tanner’s thick dark hair as he worshiped my body with his strong hands, wicked mouth, and talented tongue. The  anticipation and need causing me to quiver, and the suspense was so much more without the ability to see what Tanner was doing.

“Be right back,” Tanner growled. The bed shifted and suddenly he was missing. 

I strained my ears to listen for him. I heard a door open then some crackling. What is he up to? I wondered. 

I heard faint sloshing noises then Tanner was back on the bed kneeling between my legs, his hands gripping my hips. Then without warning, Tanner’s mouth took in my length, ‘soccer style’—that is ‘without hands’—but this was unlike other times. What in the…? I started to wonder. His hot-yet-cold mouth… and then it hit me. Mouthwash.As Tanner worked my dick over, the minty coolness combined with his wicked tongue delivering a mind blowing experience, and his hand gently rolling my balls in his hand, with occasional probing between my ass cheeks, I felt myself about to explode.Tanner, sensing my condition, slowly stopped what he was doing. My breathing was erratic. I was frantic. “Please,” I begged.

“Oh, mate. I’ve got you,” he said, his voice low and lusty. 

I felt him lean over and then the telltale sound of the cap on the tube of lube. Listening more, I heard the squelch of goo come out of the tube, then I could hear it as Tanner slid it over his length. My cock strained painfully knowing what was coming next. 

Then Tanner pulled my legs up and rested my legs on his shoulders. He ran his slick fingers over my now exposed crack and dipped a finger gently into my practically vibrating hole. I felt myself contract around his digit and Tanner groaned. 

“I love that feeling…It’s like you’re hugging me,” Tanner groaned, his voice washing over me.

He positioned the hot head of his dick at my entrance then, without pushing in, leaned forward and removed the blindfold. 

We locked eyes and without words, with just the looks in our eyes, we said, “I love you.” I loved that we could communicate wordlessly.  

As the music started its refrain again, this time with more instruments and the excitement growing wildly in the song, as well as in bed, lovingly, Tanner pushed forward…slow and steady like the drum beat, knowing just how my body would respond…that I would welcome every inch of him. Needing and craving every inch. 

The groans and breathing that filled the room, practically drowning out the sounds of the full orchestra, were sinful. I ran my hands over Tanner’s chest and shoulders, his skin smooth and wonderful stretched over his muscles. He started to move in rhythm with the music. 

The music started to come to its crescendo and Tanner took my dick in his hand, stroking me and thrusting into me. He dropped his body down, his powerful body weighing wonderfully on mine, he rested his head in the crook of my neck. With my dick sandwiched between us and Tanner pounding into my ass, the music came to its finale as did Tanner and I.

I don’t want to go to sleep. I don’t want this Australian Adventure to end… Alas, tomorrow, we head to Sydney for our flight home.